At Vodafone UK,  the sales team had created an iPhone sales landing page  which out performed all the other shop pages.   It wasn’t pretty but it was good for visitors as it showed all the options along with stock and delivery status.

When the new iPhone 5 launched, the team could not fit all of the options into one page.  On top of that, some wanted to remove the page and send visitors through the standard shop, which would mean increased steps for users and lower conversion.   I conducted research, wireframed, prototyped and collaborated with a graphic designer to find a solution.


The sales teams iPhone page was performing well, but my user research, including analytics, showed a few issues.  Existing customers were confused and a number of visitors left the page using the ‘iPhone 4’ links, who were then either lost or kept moving between iPhone pages with increased time on site.  User research revealed that buyers want to compare prices for ALL models.  This was backed up by Google keyword search data which showed keyword searches increased for ALL models, including the older models, just after a new launch.

iPhone page before



There were many iterations which failed. The worst failure was a ‘progressive disclosure’ approach, which forced visitors to select one thing at a time.  All my testing showed that visitors needed to see all their options at a glance.  I came up with this simplified approach, which separates the models by tabs, showing all options and product information.

iPhone page wireframe


Final design and compromises

The principle, to allow visitors to compare ALL prices in one place was met in the final design.  Toggles were updated inline with official design patterns. Stock and delivery status were made clear. Compromises included 1) stakeholders added a left hand nav, though it was agreed this could be AB tested in future, 2) no help information to explain ‘data’ or ‘storage capacity’ and 3) limited product information.

iPhone page after



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Sales rose by 6% and online upgrades were up.  Click through rate, baskets and engagement all increased.